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"Marty: After going through three different agents and getting nowhere, you've been a pleasure to deal with.  I'm so glad I called you."  ​ Philip

Marty Koitz:
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Today's still-amazing prices have increased since this 2013 report.

Let me guess why you are here! You are looking for a home in Florida! What you've found is the right person to help you find that perfect home - a home professional who listens to what you want and finds exactly the home you want - and can afford. I've helped every one of my clients do exactly that - find the home they love.
If you are in a place where winter comes, you already know how that can be. I've lived there, too. We don't have winter here, nor the heating bills that come with it. You can walk on the beautiful beaches, all year long. There are so many other benefits - like no Florida income taxes - it's impossible to list them all. If you are thinking about living the rest of your life in a wonderful place, you've made the first step by coming right here.
You've not yet found your home in Florida, but you have found the dedicated professional who listens and works on your behalf to find the home and the lifestyle you want. 
You can look around my website to see lots of home possibilities in lots of neighborhoods - but why not grab the phone and tell me what you are seeking? That's the very best way to cut out all the hunting - by putting a professional home finder on your side.
Let's talk now. I'll listen! Tell me about your Florida dreams!  Give me a call at
(561) 909-7424 and start finding the life you've always wanted.

Many of our South Florida gated communities start at over $200,000 and range up to $5,000,000, but I can show you properties selling way below their prices 5-6 years ago.  We have properties that were sold at $120,000 that - today - one can purchase for under $65,000! 

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"Hi Marty: Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time with us.  You did more than an adequate job, A+. Sincerely thank you, for your professionalism." 
Jerry and Beverly


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